Digital ideas...realised

We are all about ideas; absurd, brilliant, dangerous and exciting but what are ideas without actualisation?

We make ideas happen.

With our love of ideas, we also bring over 20 years experience in the digital industry. Development, design, technical architecture, online marketing, project management, account management, content development, SEO and conversion rate optimisation...

We have skills in every area, to help make your digital dream a reality.

We are two. We are passionate. About digital. About business. About making things happen. Oh travel and food too, if you are interested!


Stunningly simple apps

We pride ourselves on our ability to build software products that are straightforward and pleasurable to use.

With the understanding that the less someone needs to think about how to use an app, the more likely they are to find enjoyment in it.

We are also firm believers in useful technology. It is a particular area of interest for developing our own products.

Sheep Agent is one such app.

It allows those working with livestock, particularly stock agents, to calculate breakeven when purchasing stock, on the spot and with ease. No data entry back in the office, no clunky calculations with pencil and paper, no nasty surprises.

Focus booster helps people take control of time.

We are particularly fond of our productivity app. Using the pomodoro technique it enables users to rediscover their productivity and improve their time management.

Ecommerce websites

Our digital agency background has given us a great deal of experience in growing and improving online presence. We apply this knowledge to our clients' ecommerce websites.

With so much change and progression in the retail world, we are continually working with clients to improve their online offering and presence in many ways, from user experience to business functionality.

Online strategy

Why drive more traffic to your site if conversion is slow?

Our approach to online marketing is to ensure your site is making the most of the visitors you already get. Can they find what they want? What can you do to sell them more and keep them coming back?

Only once this is satisfactory, do we turn the focus to delivering new traffic to your site, so you can make the most of your investment.

We base all our strategy on current methods and we back everything up with statistics and analysis so you know what your investment has returned.

Business solutions

As we mentioned before we thrive on helping businesses implement their ideas and dreams. We have vast experience working on projects that improve business practices. From websites, through to internal software to make business more streamlined.

There is nothing we enjoy more than really understanding your business and making it better.


Everything begins with an idea and none are so crazy as not to be considered, so what are you waiting for...

Get in touch so we can help turn your ideas into reality.